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Air, Land and Sea mission-critical AI, Data Recorders defense and intelligence applications at the rugged edge.

High Performance, Smallest Cutting Edge Computing on the Market!

By moving computing and data closer to the user, edge computing can provide significantly improved throughput, better performance, and real-time processing. The ability to analyze data closer to the source will minimize latency, reduce network traffic, and lower data management costs while improving privacy and security.With hot-swap drive canisters allowing you to move encrypted data on the fly to be analyzed in real-time. HA server with 24 hot-swap SAS SSD with the ability to add JBODs for more storage.






4-Bay Server with single Hot-Swap NVMe Drive Canister.

It’s the only product on the market offering High Performance (14GBs), 10lbs and support storage capacities up to 120TB.


  • High Performance Storage
    Equipped with fast AMD Ryzen 3 Processor or Optional AMD EPYC Zen 3 (Milan) CPU
    • High Bandwidth PCIe Gen4 NVMe Storage
    • Removable Storage Canister for easy backup process
  • Support AC or DC power input
  • Ruggedized design suitable for Aircraft, ship, land or in-vehicle storage system
  • Expansion Slots
  • One PCIe Gen4 X16 riser supporting 2x PCIe Gen4 X8 FHHL cards – 256Gbps IO bandwidth support 1x Broadcom 9560-16i PCIe Gen4 X8 tri- mode hardware RAID
  • One spare slot for NIC, such as 100Gb or dual-50Gb Ethernet
  • Power: 12V (22A) or 24V (11A) DC input Molex 6pin optional 280W AC/DC Power Adapter 85~264VAC 47~63Hz
  • Dimension:10.2” (D) x 11.8” (W) x 3.43” (H)

Prowler2N4U also a secure platform that support TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and data encryption using AES-256 encryption and TCG Opal for utmost data protection. In addition, all the drives also protected with RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 6 for data integrity.

2U Rugged Server with 3 Hot-Swap Drive Canisters


2U Server with Hot-Swap NVMe Drive Canister

General Specifications and advantages:

  • 2U form factor with 25” depth
  • 3x 4bay removable canisters, each with a dedicated RAID controller or PCIe host adapter for software RAID
  • Canister release button allowing software to be notified to gracefully shutdown the canister before canister is removed to prevent data corruption
  • Support PCIe Gen4 end‐to‐end, both on the SSDs and PCIe add‐in‐cards
  • UP AMD server MB with Milan CPU and up to 1TB of DDR4 3200 RAM
  • 3x100Gb Ethernet ports for fast upload to local IP‐SAN or to the Cloud
  • 4x high‐speed easy‐swap 80x38mm fans to ensure NVMe SSDs are properly cooled under extreme environment conditions
  • Up to 369TB of storage capacity based on 12×30.72TB NVMe SSDs
  • Optional data‐encryption & TPM supported
  • 800W Platinum‐grade redundant power supply. Optional : 400 Mhz Power Supply
  • 26” Tool‐less ball‐bearing slide rails

Snow Leopard DS_CRSHA224N-UN_E

The only NVMe fault tolerance Server on the Market that is 20″D

20″ Depth HA SERVER with 24 NVMe SSD hot swap drives.

  • 2U form factor with 20” depth, designed to fit 24” short racks
  • 24x 2.5”-15mm tool-less ruggedized SSD carriers with thumbscrew
  • Each Node supports:

o AsrockRack Ext-ITX server UP AMD Milan MB with 4x DIMM slots (up to 512GB DDR4) o 2x 10GbaseT ports + IPMI GbE NIC
o 2x G4 PCIe X8/X16 LP slots + 1x G4 PCIe X8 SAS3816 16-port external SAS IOM

o 1x SAS Interposer HBA with 1x G4 X8 SAS3808 8-port SAS IOC + SAS35x36R 36-port SAS expander o 1x G4 X8 PCIe NTB link via PEX88024 G4 PCIe switch board for internal node-clustering fabric
o 1x G4 X4 22110 M.2 SSD for boot drive
o 3x 40x56mm + 1x 40x28mm fans

o PDB interposer board

  • 2x standard 1200W Platinum-grade CRPS power modules with dual-output PDB, designed to avoid PSU vendor lock-in
  • 20” Tool-less ball-bearing slide rails adjustable to support 26” reach post-to-post
  • Optional lockable front bezel