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Compared with conventional HD arrays, all-flash arrays can reduce power usage by 76%, cooling costs by 63%, administrative fees by 48% and maintenance costs by 16%, in addition to saving 48% more space. The biggest benefit to All-Flash array is it dramatically improves enterprise application performance and decreases the costs of IT deployment.
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Welcome to Cheetah RAID Storage

Leading the Revolution in NVMe Servers and Storage

Cheetah RAID Storage is at the forefront of the NVMe server and storage revolution. Our innovative approach is reshaping the industry and establishing a new benchmark for performance and reliability. With Cheetah RAID Storage, businesses can attain unparalleled performance and reliability, gaining a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. We are committed to delivering the most cutting-edge storage solutions available, setting a standard for innovation that is unmatched.

Join the esteemed group of industry pioneers who have already embraced Cheetah RAID Storage and discover the unprecedented capabilities of NVMe servers and storage.






The Cheetah RAID Storage ALL-IN-ONE NVMeSAN1U Server/Storage is a first generation small-form factor NVMe designed for high thru-put in the smallest footprint.

Cheetah NVMeSAN1U can provide upto 1.080PB RAW using 30TB NVMe SSD drives in a 1U footprint. Storage server supports Single Socket AMD EPYC CPU up to 2TB DDR4, 1U with 36x hot-swappable M.2 NVMe SSD bays, Supports 2x PCIe3 x16 slots and 1x PCIe3 x16 OCP 2.0 card and Capable of sustaining up to 300Gbps (37.5GB/s) of bandwidth and 8M IOPS.1U NVMeSAN1U will support 36x PCIe Data Center M.2 modules, 4-6 Mellanox IB cards or Optional support for GPUs GPGPU cards.

It’s the SMALLEST High Performance Server on the Market Today 4 Drives, Hot-Swap Canister 120TB


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High Performance Storage


Ruggedized design suitable for Aircraft, ship, land or Autonomous vehicle storage system

Equipped with fast AMD Ryzen 3 Processor or Optional AMD EPYC Zen 3 (Milan) CPU High Bandwidth PCIe Gen4 NVMe Storage Removable Storage Canister for easy backup process The system platform designed to be rugged to withstand shocks and vibration for ships, aircraft and in-vehicle environment, which also equipped with 12V or 24 DC power input.Ruggedized design suitable for in-vehicle storage system or Military applications.Weight 10lb and can deliver 14GBs in performance, data encryption using AES-256 encryption and TCG Opal

2U High Performance ingest server that shares drive canisters between the 4 bay Prowler and 2U Server

3x individual hot-pluggable Gen4 NVMe canisters. AMD EPYC Zen 3 (Milan) CPU

Individual hardware RAID for each canister (optional). Supports 200GbE PCIe Gen4 network adapters 23.4” Short depth storage server.Removable storage canister for easy backup process. RAID controller or PCIe host adapter for software RAID.Canister release button allowing software to be notified to gracefully shutdown the canister before canister is removed to prevent data corruption. Up to 360TB of storage capacity based on 12×30.72TB NVMe SSDs. Optional data-encryption & TPM supported 800W Platinum grade redundant power supply 23”. Tool-less ball-bearing slide rails

The only fault tolerance Server on the Market that is 20″D

20″ Depth HA SERVER with 24 SAS SSD hot swap drives.

  • Designed for the US Military ships, aircraft, vehicles and land applications.
  • 2U form factor with 20” depth, designed to fit 24” short racks
  • 24x 2.5”-15mm tool-less ruggedized SSD carriers with locking thumbscrew
  •  24-port dual-port 12G SAS backplane
  • Expandable to JBOD enclosure for more storage space if needed.
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Cheetah RAID Storage is Sole Source Provider to NAVWAR


NAVWAR is responsible for providing the Navy and other military organizations with innovative and effective communication, intelligence, surveillance, and other warfare technologies.

In 2019, SPAWAR was reorganized and renamed to Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR). NAVWAR continues to serve as the Navy’s technical command responsible for delivering advanced information warfare capabilities to the fleet and joint forces. The organization is focused on leveraging emerging technologies to provide the Navy with a decisive advantage in the digital age. NAVWAR is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has locations throughout the United States and around the world.