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Autonomous Vehicles Products

HIGH PERFORMANCE Autonomous Vehicles Products!

Cheetah RAID Storage is the leader in building the SMALLEST, HIGH PERFORMANCE NVMe servers for the Autonomous vehicle markets!




Cheetah RAID has taken its years of Rugged High Performance Military capabilities and incorporated them in AV market to withstanding harsh environmental conditions in vehicles, including potholes, collisions, and extreme temperatures that are likely to cause traditional off the shelf systems (non rugged) to fail. Cheetah engineers designed the High Performance Servers for unmanned and autonomous driving vehicles as turnkey solution or custom designs that are ideal for both military and commercial/industrial applications.

The  Cheetah’s HIGH Performance Servers are specifically designed for the autonomous vehicle (AV) market to capture a density of sensor data at high rate, in extreme environments. It’s smaller form factor and footprint is perfectly suited for the trunk of a self-driving car, a military vehicle, or a studio truck.We can offer a removable drive canister for quick transport or via 100Gb Network offload.

Cheetah’s autonomous server were specifically designed for autonomous vehicle in mind – but being a high performance servers it can used for use in many applications that needs to capturing a lot of data at a high rate of speed, in a rugged environment including Military applications.

Our competitors in the AV market today are selling slower older technology, large footprint and call it state of the art technology.

Cheetah is the only manufacture in the AV market today offering NVMe storage and a removable drive canister for quick off loading.


*Cheetah RAID can custom build a HIGH PERFORMANCE SERVER to meet any configuration your customers needs or requires! All products can be OEM’d and branded with your company logo’s.




“Not only are we building a High Performance servers but delivering Performance numbers like 7GBs to 20GBs  in the smallest footprint and larger capacities from 60TB to 360TB.”




“Cars sitting in a garage waiting for data to be offloaded via network is costly and time consuming.”

Install a fresh drive canister into the car and your off collecting data.

4 NVMe Drive Server 60TB

4 Bay NVMe Drive Server with Removable Drive Canister 120TB

10 NVMe Drives with Removable Drive Canister 300TB

5 Bay NVMe Drive Server with Removable Drive Canister 150TB








Supported CPU: Supports Single Socket AMD EPYC (Naples) or Intel CPU
as well as dual Intel CPU servers

Supported RAM: Supports  from 32GB to 2TB

I/O Interface: 2x USB 3.0 ports; 1x VGA port(s); 1x COM Port;
2x 10GbE ports and 100Gb addin cards.

Expansion Slots: 1x PCIe Gen3, 2 x16 Full Height Half Length
6 x8 or  2 x16, 2 x8

Drive Bays: 4-10 NVMe drives (two models with  removable drive canisters) All drives are hot-swap

Performance: 4 NVMe Drive Server 6-7GBs, 5 Drive 10GBs

Front Panel Display: Power On/Off switch & LED, Locate switch & LED,
NMI switch, 2x LAN LED

Supported OS: Microsoft Windows Server 64bit 2012/R2, Windows
2016 64bit, Linux RHEL 7.4, SUSE 11 SP4 x64,
SUSE 12 SP2 x64, Ubuntu 16.04 x64, Ubuntu 17.04 x64

Power:  12VDC/DC (100W)

Weight: Gross: 10lbs with with 4 drives, 5 Drive 15lbs 

Dimension: smallest to largest

4 Drive 11W x 3.5H x 8D

5 Drive 13W x4.25H x 12.27D

10 Drive 16L x 6W x 13.5H