Cheetah RAID PCI-e and Rugged RAID Storage | COMING SOON!
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NVMe M.2 1U and 2U server/storage all-in-one
Part number: NVMe-SANM.2-xx
1U COTS 36 hot swap NVMe High-Performance Flash Server (144TB)


2U COTS 108 hot swap NVMe High-Performance Flash Server (432TB)

Key Features:

  • Based on the latest high-efficient AMD EPYC architecture
  • 120x total PCIe lane used for maximum I/O bandwidth
  • Support client-grade NVMe M.2 flash modules for ultimate low-cost flash storage for read-intensive applications
  • Can support 110mm enterprise/datacenter grade M.2 flash modules for high IOPS compute applications
  • Up to 256Gbps of external I/O bandwidth (2x PCIe Gen3 X16 slots)
  • Leverage Microsemi PFX series 32-lane fan-out switch
  • Very energy-efficient comparing to flash systems using U.2 drives, under 1000W per system for over 200TB of flash
  • Turning COTS M.2 modules into hot-swappable field-serviceable-unit
  • Capable of sustaining 5M external IOPS
Specifications and Related Documents


  • 2U form factor with 26.4” depth, designed to fit 900-mm racks
  • 12x hot-swappable trays for COTS low-profile size PCIe3 X8 NVMe add-in-cards
  • 2 or 4x PCIe X16 expansion slots for up to 448 Gbps (4*112Gb EDR IB) of network IO bandwidth
  • Symmetrically-balanced IO between two CPUs for optimal performance with each CPU managing one PCIe switch and half the expansion slots and NVMe devices downstream
  • NVMe devices and network adapters are linked directly over PCIe switch for minimized latency
  • Optional support for GPGPU cards for VDI applications
  • 2x Avago/PLX PEX9781 or 97 PCIe fan-out switches supporting DPC and hot-swap
  • Additional PCIe Gen3 X16 rear OCP 2.0 IO module for 40/100Gb options for secondary network storage connectivity
  • Supports up to two E5-2699v4 Xeon or Purley/Skylake processors
  • 2x hot-swap 2.5”-7mm system disks
  • 1200~1600W(230VAC) CRPS redundant power supply options
  • 4x 80x38mm high-pressure cooling fans
  • Optional lockable front bezel to protect from unauthorized removal of sensitive data
  • Optional MCU module for PCIe switch boards for additional OEM-manageable functions