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Welcome to Cheetah Raid Storage


The leader in PCIe Expansion storage.

As you know, compared to hard disk drives, solid-state storage can perform significantly faster.
Comparing a single PCIe solid state storage device to a single hard disk drive (HDD), the performance can be hundreds of times faster. PCIe solid state storage devices, in particular, have very low latency because they operate directly on the system bus of the host server.
So even if the SSD technology in use had the exact same performance as a hard drive, the SSD technology would provide better overall latency because it has no seek time. Imagine running a large batch of complex database transactions where every I/O is subject to the seek time latency of good enterprise hard drives. Then imagine that same batch of complex database operations without the seek time latency and with faster storage devices. You will see why SSDs are so good for database applications and other enterprise workloads.


Today’s storage market is filled with equipment that is very complex to install, manage, and maintain. Cheetah has eliminated the complexity and cost from raid controllers. With Cheetah RAID Storage, you can remove our equipment from their boxes, power it on and you are ready to get to work. Cheetah RAID Storage supports all operating systems because we have NO DRIVERS. Cheetah RAID Storage products are truly open system solutions.

Cheetah RAID Storage Introduces the First Rapid

insertion & removal of device


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The 4U test chassis consists of four removable canisters, each with eight Cheetah RAID Storage PCIe test riser cards or nVME SFF-8639 test adapter cards installed in each canister. Each riser contains software controlled high and low voltage margining and remote power on/off for running short or long term remote test scripts.  The riser also supports a manual power on/off switch and acts as a slot saver thereby preserving the main chassis backplane. By using the individual software controlled or manual power switches, flash manufacturers can shut off the power to each DUT, allowing the insertion/ removal of a single PCIe card or nVME drive while others remain in use. Cards or drives can be removed using the front removable canisters for bulk removal operations or singularly through the hinged top cover for easy access to all 32 cards. Three 1200-watt power supplies provide 2400 watts of redundant power to the system.

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2U Expansion Server Front

Cheetah RAIDs all new PCIE Storage Server Appliance SSA-2 now Supporting 70.4TB is a high performance custom form factor CPU board that fits into a 2U or 3U rackmount enclosure. It features Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 and E5-2600 v2 family. The SSA-2 interfaces to 11 PCI Express Gen 3 standard PCI Express slots and 1 PCI-E 2.0 x4 (in x8) slot. The SSA-2U also comes with two 1TB 2.5″ drives or  2.5″ SSD devices.  The system is powered from redundant AC powered power supplies.