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High Performance Cutting Edge Computing

Industrial GPU Computers
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RCO-6020-1050TI GPU Computer With LGA 1151 For Intel® 7th/6th Gen Processor And Q170 PCH, GTX 1050 TI Integrated

RCO-7020-1050TI GPU Computer With LGA 1151 For Intel® 7th/6th Gen Processor And Q170 PCH, GTX 1050 TI Integrated

VCO-6020-1050TI GPU Computer With LGA 1151 For Intel® 6th/ 7th Gen Processor And Q170 PCH, GTX 1050 TI Integrated

MCO-7020-1050TI GPU Computer With LGA 1151 For Intel® 6th/ 7th Gen Processor And Q170 PCH, GTX 1050 TI Integrated

High Performance Cutting Edge Computing

By moving computing and data closer to the user, edge computing can provide significantly improved throughput, better performance, and real-time processing. The ability to analyze data closer to the source will minimize latency, reduce network traffic, and lower data management costs while improving privacy and security.

Cheetah’s Industrial GPU Computer is the ideal solution for Machine Vision, Edge Computing, Traffic Vision, Telemedicine, Intelligent Control, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition and any application workloads requiring intensive processing parallelism and performance driven analytics for Industry 4.0/IIoT applications.

  • NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti graphics engine built on NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture (3-year longevity supply)
  • LGA 1151 socket for 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 or Pentium®/Celeron® Processor
  • 6x display interface supported by 2x DVI-I, 3x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI
  • Intel® GbE supporting Wake-On-LAN and PXE
  • Full-size mini PCIe for communication or expansion modules
  • 9 to 48VDC wide range power input supporting AT/ATX modes
  • Wide Operating Temperature (-25°C to 60°C)

Support up to 8K Resolution & 6 Independent Displays


Through combining discrete NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti and integrated Intel HD Graphics units, Cheetah GPU computers enable support for up to 8K resolution and six independent displays.

Versatile Industrial I/O Interfaces & Diverse Expandability


Rich multi-functional I/O ports including Dual GbE (additional 4x LAN port on RCO-6020-1050TI), 4x COM, up to 8x USB, and 8 digital I/O ports allow Premio’s industrial GPU computer for better expansion and future utility. An additional up to 4 mini PCIe slots provide more flexibility for multiple applications.

Robust system design enabling GPU computing in harsh environment


Flexibility and performance are packed into a robust and durable design for incomparable user experience. Cheetah GPU computing systems go through a rigorous design cycle with strict quality assurance procedures and extensive product testing. These industrial computers are the ideal solution for versatile operations in rough and harsh environments.

Specifications and Related Documents


Two Versions:

MCO Mounted Stationary

RCO Idea for Vehicles


Ports Accessibility All front facing ports
Ideal for factory line mounting
Front and rear facing ports
Vibration Rating 3 Grms
Ideal for staionary factory line mount
Higher 5 Grms
Ideal for mobile mount in cars or carts
Wide Range Temperature -25C to 70C (-13F to 158F) -25C to 70C (-13F to 158F)
Wide Range Voltage 9 ~ 50 VDC 9 ~ 48 VDS
Expandability 2x mini PCIe slots 2x universal slots for additional ports, 2x mini PCIe slots
Communication Wifi optional; 2x antenna holes Wifi and Cellular (4G/LTE) optional; 4x antenna holes
Mounting Wallmount, Bookmount, or DIN rail Wallmount
Processor Intel Skylake 6th gen / Kaby Lake 7th gen i3, i5, i7, quad core
Chipset Intel Q170
Digital I/O ports 8 in / 8 out isolated
Video Ports 2x DVI-I, 1x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort